Civil and Criminal Investigations since 1935.

Our Fields of Expertise

Due Dilligence Investigation

Is your firm contemplating a merger or acquisition, or corporate take-over of a competitor? Has your team done all it could to expose risk before ink hits paper?


Surveillance Services

The Simmons Agency provides the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigation through our experienced team of local field investigators.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

The Simmons Agency provides a wide variety of corporate investigation services for businesses of all sizes.
From employee background checks to financial fraud detection.

Attorney Litigation Services

Attorney Litigation Services

When working on a case involving litigation, the role of a professional investigation agency can be critical. We do the legwork that is often not associated with investigations performed these days.


Discrimination Cases

Conducting discrete workplace investigations is one of the most challenging duties that HR professionals must take on. Workforce demographics are shifting.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

The Simmons Agency performs public (and sometimes private) record searches, locates and interviews witnesses, and prepares reports in criminal defense cases.

Why hire a Detective Agency?

Because we can find problems before they affect your business.

Employees who stole intellectual property do so within 30 days of resignation


Private Investigators who report having prior experience working in Law


Percentage of lawsuits that employers lose due to negligent hiring practices


Number of resumes that contain false or exxagerated information

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Utilizing an experienced detective agency is a smart move. Save time and money. Protect your vital interests. Would you like to speak to one of our investigators before you hire us? We are here to help you immediately.

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What our clients say

Lead AttorneyBoston Law Firm

A Boston law firm prevailed over three major law firms and Lorillard, Inc., the third largest cigarette manufacturer in the world, in winning a $152 million verdict for an estate. This verdict was the largest Massachusetts verdict in 2010. The lead attorney personally added that “Simmons Agency played a critical role in investigating the facts of the case.”

Michael DohertyFounderMikrodots, Inc.

“I have worked with Bob Simmons in cases involving eDiscovery, Data acquisition, Data preservation and computer forensics. Bob is quietly effective in his investigations and he gets results through his experience and perseverance. Bob is a true professional and I always look forward to working with him.

Hire a Detective Agency that can get the information you need.

Whether you are a spouse wondering if your better half is cheating, or a multi-million dollar company trying to learn if a past employee was stealing secrets; when it comes to detective work, hire a pro. We have been in this business for over 70 years. We work quickly and efficiently and have a lot of tools at our disposal to find what you are looking for quickly. Our reports are detail oriented and are used by attorneys in litigation cases. We have many special skill sets including background checks, surveillance, corporate investigations, discrimination cases, criminal defense investigation and case preparation. Call us at +1 617-523-2288 and set us a free consultation. Our client’s needs always come first.

In today’s world, companies need to protect their finances, their stockholders and their reputations.

“Our corporation is purchasing all of the assets of another company. Is there anything potentially embarrassing about this company we are buying like corrupt employees, pending civil litigation or bad media coverage?”

The Simmons Agency has comprehensive corporate investigation services that will avoid these issues before they become problems.

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