Attorney Litigation Services

Attorney Litigation Services

The Simmons Agency has been assisting attorneys on a variety of litigation since 1935.

When working on a case involving litigation, the role of a professional investigation agency can be critical. The Simmons Agency has been assisting attorneys on a variety of cases since 1935. We do the legwork that is often not associated with investigations performed these days. We further augment our staff with in-house databases that allow us to search old resources through to the present.

We can obtain most criminal records. We use a legal database known only to a select few to find necessary information. Sometimes the case involves the location of a missing witness. Our investigations have traced people from birth to various addresses around the world, as well as histories of occupations, remuneration, and litigation.

On other cases, we have found assets such as real estate, antique vehicles, money, yachts, aircraft, boats, and eclectic possessions for individuals and corporations.

Extracting crucial facts is an essential tool for professional investigators – with the Simmons Agency, it is protocol.

Our Investigative Services include the following:
  • Acquisitions
  • Asset Location
  • Background Checks
  • Bond Losses
  • Bankruptcy-hidden Asset Investigation
  • Business Fraud
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Civil and Criminal Profiles
  • Clearing Trademarks
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Counter Espionage
  • Criminal Records
  • Domestic Relations
  • Embezzlements
  • Employee Contracts
  • Environmental Defense
  • Executive Protection
  • Litigation
  • Missing Heir Location
  • Product Liability
  • Skip tracing
  • Subrogation
  • Telephone Sweeps
  • Theft Investigation
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Loss Prevention
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Trial Preparations
  • Undercover
  • White Collar Crime Investigation
  • Worker’s Compensation Cases
  • Wrongful Termination


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