Due Diligence Investigation

Due Diligence Investigation

You are responsible for due diligence in all your work.

Is your firm contemplating a merger or acquisition, or corporate takeover of a competitor? What is the background of their key employees? Have they any criminal history or civil litigation that might be embarrassing? Were they, or their corporation, the target of a federal investigation? Has your team done all it could to expose risk before ink hits paper? It’s time to hire a professional to learn as much as you can about your next investment. It’s called due diligence for a reason.

Our due diligence investigation services are designed to assess the background and reputation of a potential business partner or key player in a venture before entering into a substantial financial relationship. We assist venture capital firms, private equity firms, investment banks, wealthy individual investors and financial institutions understand the risks before entering into a joint venture, merger, acquisition or a significant financial or investment transaction.

The Simmons Agency utilizes ethical and lawful information-gathering methods, using technological sources, open-source and proprietary databases and information developed through human intelligence to develop information on the reputations of individuals and companies to protect our client’s interests. We are uniquely capable of helping your firm answer questions before overlooked issues become a costly embarrassment.

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