Corporate Investigations

The Simmons Agency provides a wide variety of corporate investigation services, for businesses of all sizes. From employee background checks to financial fraud detection. It is important to protect your company’s assets,public image, and brand. We work professionally and discreetly to find what you are looking for.


The Simmons Agency has a wide array of corporate investigation services to protect your company.

Corporate investigations are a common and critical tool to protect the brand and assets of any size company. Litigation arising from employee misconduct costs corporations billions of dollars annually. Increasingly, lawsuits are decided based on the results of workplace undercover investigation. Don’t just get the facts. Understand them. Our team provides state-of-the-art investigative services to get you the information that your company needs. Let us put our 70 years of experience to work for you. Contact the Simmons Agency today.
Our Investigative Services include the following:
  • Bond losses
  • Business Fraud
  • Clearing Trademarks
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Counter-espionage
  • Corporate Backgrounds
  • Covenant not to compete
  • Due Diligence
  • Embezzlements
  • Environmental Defense
  • Inventory Shrinkage
  • Larceny
  • Loss Prevention
  • Market Research
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Pre-merger Invetigation
  • Product liability
  • Sexual harassment
  • Surveillance
  • Trademark infringement
  • Undercover
  • Worker’s Compensation Investigation
  • Wrongful termination


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