Simmons Agency

Simmons Agency, Inc. has earned a reputation of trust and respect
from the clients they work with.

The Company

Simmons Agency, Inc. is one of Boston’s oldest and most respected private investigation firms.


Our trained staff of investigators handles a variety of cases including adultery, assets, backgrounds, child custody, criminal, domestic, fraud, heirs, litigation, missing persons, negligent hiring, surveillance.
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The Simmons Agency is proud of its reputation for providing quality investigative services to Fortune 500 companies, law firms, private attorneys, universities, the entertainment industry and private individuals. The Simmons Detective Agency has been acclaimed in major publications including New England Journal, Lawyers Weekly, Business World, Playboy Magazine, Security News, the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, and The Quincy Patriot Ledger.

When you need experienced, discreet and confidential professional investigators, call 1-800-237-8230 for a comprehensive solution to your problem.

  • A Commitment to Excellence
  • A Passion for Justice
  • An urge for fair pricing
  • These three have proven to:
  • Earn our clients’ trust with us
  • Build our reputation on a good soil
  • Attract thousands of individuals and businesses, all of whom (98%) have successfully dealt with their legal conundrums with our timely and diligent help..



Our Advantages

The Simmons Agency brings decades of experience and knowledge to every assignment and has developed a significant network comprised of national and international resources.

We are ethical. Our client's needs come first.

Simmons Agency had a case concerning a very famous man. At his home, we saw signed letters from Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as well as other renowned people. The case regarded a kidnapping assault. We got to the bottom of the matter and were able to return the missing person safely. But because of this person’s notoriety, his absence created a stir. Newsweek and several worldwide newspapers called asking for our input. The family wanted strict confidentiality and we followed their instructions to the letter, not even commenting that we had performed any type of investigation. Those media outlets would have been worth tens of thousands in publicity. But we at Simmons Agency are circumspect and respect the desires of all our clients. Why hire us? Simple. We have ethics and adhere to our client’s wishes.

We are tenacious investigators.

Simmons Agency was working a case that involved a person who disappeared in a geographic area larger than the state of New York. We flew up to the last place he was seen and the next day set out with photographs and general information. But the client met us that morning and related he had forgotten to mention that we could not use pictures of the real person or their last name. It set us back for a few minutes.
After some careful thought, we soon devised another method to investigate that would not compromise the missing person. And after some thorough searching, we retrieved signed affidavits and were able to prove to the courts we knew where he was. Why hire Simmons Agency? Simple. We do not give up.

We work well in extreme situations.

During a surveillance case, late on a cold dark winter night, the investigator had the window of the car cracked open a few inches. He had chosen a seemingly innocuous and quiet spot to park between some well-worn cars on a used car lot. While there, someone silently crept up from behind. He felt a cold steel object press into his forehead. A voice carefully said, “Listen to the two clicks. Do you know what that means?” It was the double action of a .38 caliber revolver being cocked. It turned to be a very cautious police officer. Why hire Simmons Agency? Simple. We don’t panic. We work with Law enforcement whenever required to solve cases.

Robert Simmons

Founder, Investigator

Licenses Held
Private Detective: Massachusetts

Boston University Associate of Arts Degree

Positions Held
Chairman, National Association of Legal Investigators Seminars, 1990, 1992
Director, Region One, National Association of Legal Investigators, 1992
Board of Directors, National Association of Legal Investigators, 1992
President, Council of International Investigators, 1972
President, Massachusetts Association of Licensed Investigators, 1970
Chairman, Boston Junior Chamber of Law Enforcement Committee, 1967

Guest Speaker
Boston University Paralegal Studies Course
Route 128 CPA Practitioners Forum
Boston University Paralegal Studies Course
Boston University Research and Development Department for Missing Alumnus
New York Health Claims Association on Unprofitable Risks
National Association of Legal Investigators
New England Claims Association
New England Development Research Association

Professional Accomplishments
Instructor: Boston Center for Adult Education, 1988 – 1997
Pro Bono work for Housing Assistance Corporation.
Pro Bono work for Cape Cod Legal Assistance Program, 1991
Hosted Council of International Investigators Convention, 1973
Consultant to prisons on the Federal Bonding Program, 1972
“The Legalite” recommends that attorneys use Simmons Detective Agency, Inc., 1972
Chaired Law Enforcement Committee of the Boston Junior Chamber of Commerce; passed bill providing the Boston Police Department with Police Cadets; organized Boston Junior Chamber of Commerce award to “Outstanding Young Policeman,” 1970
Board of Directors Massachusetts Zoological Society:  Which assisted in building the “Children’s Zoo” at Franklin Park Boston.

National Association of Legal Investigators: Dedicated Service Award, 1993; Seminar Chairperson, 1990
Boston University Alumni Association Reunion Volunteer Appreciation, 1990
Boston Legal Secretaries Association Certificate of Appreciation, 1987
Council of International Investigators Outstanding Service Award; Appreciation Award, 1974
Massachusetts Association of Licensed Detective Agencies Distinguished Service Award, 1971
Boston Junior Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Merit, 1968
Kiwanis Club of Chelsea: Certificate of Appreciation, 1967
Rotary Kiwanis Boston Legal Secretaries Association
Greater 128 CPA Association