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The Simmons Agency has been in this business for over 70 years. This gives us unique experience in a wide variety of investigative fields.

Whether you are a bank, financial planner, venture capitalist, advisor to mergers and acquisitions: You are responsible for due diligence

The Simmons Agency provides the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigation through our experienced team of local field investigators.

The Simmons Agency has a wide array of corporate investigation services to protect your company. Corporate investigations are a common

The Simmons Agency has been assisting attorneys on a variety of litigation since 1935. When working on a case involving

Discrimination in the workplace can be a detriment to your brand, your corporate image, and workforce. More and more employers

The Simmons Agency has played a vital role in many criminal defense cases for decades. We are thorough and offer

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Let’s start by scheduling a free confidential consultation so we can discuss your case in detail. The Simmons Agency is ready to assist 24/7. We are one of Boston’s oldest and most respected private investigation firms.

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