Investigation Services FAQs

Have a question about our investigative services?
Try these FAQs, and see if your question is answered here.

Over the years we are asked many of the same questions from clients. We have accumulated many FAQs here to make it easy to get your questions answered quickly and easily. Of course, call us at 800-237-8230 if you still need some information about us or the services we provide.

What are your costs for services?

Our services begin with a no-cost consultation where we discuss our hourly rates and the overall approximate cost of the case. The cost of our services will not exceed the agreed on budget unless that budget is changed by mutual agreement. This can occur as information is developed and the direction of the case changes.


Are there any up-front fees?

A retainer is required from most new clients.


Do you have flat fees for any of your services?

We are presently designing a new flat fee services page. This page will be in addition to the many services we presently provide. The new services will be online, so that you may request and pay for these services whenever you need them.


What types of services do you offer?

We offer all types of services. For a comprehensive list see our Services page. If your investigation need is not listed, call us anyway. If it is not something that we can assist you on we will give you advice, at no cost, on how to proceed.


Are you discreet?

YES! All information is completely confidential. State law prohibits the agency or its employees from divulging any information about any case without express permission of its employer (client) or through an authorized tribunal.